My ThetaHealing session with Julia was so powerful and rich in insights. I was able to understand answers to questions about my business that I had been wrestling with for ages. I left with a new “felt” understanding how I needed and wanted to “be”. It’s now a few weeks later and I am now bursting with new ideas, inspiration and energy for the next stage of my business and life and loving putting those ideas into action.
— EG

“Imagine being deep in the rut of life where negative feelings from decades ago crowd in on you, always the same feelings with no way to escape them; feelings from childhood, from adulthood, from what family and friends have told you. On the outside, life is good and the perspective of others is that we have everything going our way and couldn’t want for anything. So easy to hide our feelings in public but, when we’re alone with our thoughts, we’re miserable. It was from this platform that I approached Julia for help but, I have to admit, with trepidation. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be sharing my innermost thoughts with her; after all, I’d never shared them with anyone. I made contact with Julia and, from that moment on, her kind, professional and understanding approach to my needs meant that I was always comfortable in her presence (distance separates us so we talked on the phone but it was like we were in the same room). Eventually, I did share my innermost thoughts with Julia because her guidance enabled me to feel safe within my own boundaries; it enabled me to understand the origin of my thought processes; and throughout each session Julia gave me the tools to deal with issues that had been stifling me for years. After five sessions, I am on the way to being the person I’d always hoped I would be. I needed professional help to release the shackles of learned behaviour and to flourish in the present. The mentoring skills that Julia possesses are the ultimate in this life and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is reading these reviews. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you want to achieve, Julia has the power, the professionalism and the skills to assist you on your journey.”

Julia is an exceptional mentor. I felt secure and safe in her care and therefore we were able to achieve a great deal. I opened up and could talk about anything. Julia gave me some very sound advise and helped me to tackle problems that I had not managed to sort out in my life time. I whole heartedly recommend her.

Julia is a sensitive and intuitive teacher and very patient. The organisation of the training was excellent. I have learned so much and feel in a much better place.
— CB

I worked with Julia for a year and in that time I have become more confident, I trust myself more and I am altogether a much happier person. My experience of Julia is that she has a way of opening you up to yourself, exploring difficult areas of yourself with a warmth that ensures you never feel alone. There are no words that can convey my appreciation, Julia helped me change my life and I will be forever grateful.
— AG

Julia is a very sensitive, compassionate and supportive facilitator. I rate the weekend very highly and I am glad I chose to the this course.
— SC

It’s hard and scary to trust someone enough to explore (and then share) your deepest thoughts and feelings with them. Very professional always, but with genuine compassion, Julia is honest and realistic. Julia’s wide range of skills and experience have helped me immensely. My body no longer hurts from physical tension and I can enjoy life in new ways. The guilty feelings have gone and I feel much more at peace with myself. Initially I felt I was self-indulgent and wasteful to spend money on myself. I came to realise it was an investment in myself. That I am worth it.
— DS


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