Six Sessions — Combined Mentoring and ThetaHealing®


Perhaps you’re currently experiencing a specific challenge and are in need of a confidential and safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings. Together, we’ll fully explore and address anything that’s stopping you from achieving your full potential.

I’m passionate about the wholeness of us, as humans, on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. All of my combined sessions follow a pluralistic approach, which combines psychotherapy, Kundalini Yoga and ThetaHealing®— a unique offering that enables me to properly understand and connect with my clients emotionally, mentally and physically.

As well as your 90 minute appointment you’ll also receive access to numerous guides and resources to support you on your journey. My coaching is always oriented towards a resolution, an end goal. Each client receives a bespoke programme to suit their needs.

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One Session — ThetaHealing®


I’m a Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor. I trained after personally experiencing an insightful and profound healing. We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives and only we have the power to change it. With ThetaHealing®, you can change restrictive beliefs into empowering ones. Instead of hoping for something in your life, you can teach your subconscious mind what it feels like to have it and then attract that energy into your life. We create our own reality.

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Arrange Your Discovery Call

Make today the day you prioritise yourself. Book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call and begin your journey of self-discovery. I’ll call you at a time that’s most convenient for you. Together, we’ll discuss the barriers you’re facing and how I will be able to help.

Note that all sessions can be conducted either in-person or remotely via Zoom