Winter's Last Breath


Spring officially begins on March 20. That means there are still a few weeks left of winter. With dropping temperatures and short days, we might feel the need to sleep for longer, notice a change in our appetite, or find that thing we normally do like going to the gym of socialising with friends are a struggle. I was inspired to write this post after watching my two tortoises, Harriett and Henrietta, float in and out of hibernation over the last few weeks.

Enjoy natural light

Go outdoors! Take your lunch break outside, squeeze in a morning walk before work or wind down in the garden at the end of the working day.

Connect with people

At this time of the year, we’re drawn to staying indoors and spending time by ourselves. It’s now, more than ever, that we should be making the effort to connect with our friends and family. Being in the company of people who lift you up and inspire you is the best way to ward off winter’s chills and make it an enjoyable time.

Exercise and eat nutritious meals

Try to keep physically active during the winter months. While you may not feel like it at the time, physical activity can be very effective in lifting your mood and increasing your energy levels. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly strenuous — doing housework, gardening or going for a gentle walk, if you are able to, can all help. Eating nutritious meals is also important, and you should try to balance the common cravings for carbohydrates, such as pasta and potatoes, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some people find that taking extra vitamin B12 or a Vitamin D supplement especially useful at this time of the year.

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