Wellbeing in the Workplace


Smart employers know that businesses perform better when staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Research consistently shows that when employees feel their work is meaningful and they are valued and supported, they tend to have higher wellbeing levels, be more committed to the organisation’s goals and, importantly, they perform better too.

As a member of management, here are just 4 things that you should be implementing in order to take care of your employees’ wellbeing in the workplace (tips kindly provided by Mind).

Normalise mental health

Touch base regularly with your employees to check how they’re getting on and think about what might be causing them stress. Create space for them to ask questions and raise issues, and give them permission to talk about home as well as work issues if they wish.

Lead by example

Send a clear message to your staff that their wellbeing matters. Actively encourage your team to adopt healthier working habits by working sensible hours, taking full lunch breaks, taking annual leave and resting and recuperating after busy periods.

Be available for your staff

Regular one-to-ones and catch-ups can help maintain good working relationships and build mutual trust. Managers should also help staff to manage workloads – by ensuring work is clearly defined, by communicating expectations clearly, and by agreeing reasonable deadlines with individual staff members.

Promote positive work relationships

Support a culture of teamwork, collaboration and information-sharing both within the team and across the organisation and role model these positive behaviours to staff. For example, feeding back as soon as someone does good work (rather than waiting until the next scheduled one-to-one meeting) can develop a culture of praise which helps staff feel their efforts are recognised and keeps lines of communication open.

Looking to book a half-day workshop for your team? I work with a variety of businesses to engage, educate and motivate employees to incorporate wellness into their lives, both in and out of the workplace. I pride myself in my consultative approach—all half-day workshops are completely tailored to the needs of your employees and business. For more information and to book, click here.

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