Three Ways to Unwind


Taking time out of your busy schedule is hard. Here are three ways that I always find are the easiest ways to switch off, de-stress and unwind.

Take deep breaths

By breathing deeply from your diaphragm you can relax yourself instantly. When we’re stressed, we tend to take shallower breaths, which don’t provide our bodies with enough oxygen. Breathing deeply relieves this. Research has shown that breathing exercises can have immediate positive effects on the pH of your blood and your blood pressure, and can be used as a method to train the body’s reaction to stressful situations, as well as reduce the production of stress hormones.

Relaxing Music

Listening to calming music will help you to forget about daily stresses and aid your relaxation. Classical music can produce a calming effect by releasing dopamine and reducing stress hormones, all of which help to generate a pleasant mood.

Go Outside

Take a walk in a forest or the local park. Simply being outdoors offers a new relaxing environment that can seem a thousand miles away from the stresses of the office. Patients have been observed to recover from operations quicker when their ward window overlooks a natural scene (even just a tree) as opposed to bricks or other non-natural views.

You might be interested in my wellness retreats. I organise two per year, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn. They’re essential for modern life as they provide the space and time for you to prioritise yourself—emotionally, mentally and physically. Wellness is an active process of making decisions that ultimately lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. View upcoming retreats here.

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