The Beauty and Complexities of Growth


I am not long back from an intensive Level 2 Kundalini Yoga training module which was on Conscious Communication. I received so much learning and further understanding of how we as humans can be in relationship with ourselves. 

Quite soon after getting home I had a realisation whilst pulling on a scruffy pair of very comfortable jogging bottoms:  in the past I wouldn’t have worn these during the day - in fact I wouldn’t have worn them for anything other than exercise telling myself they were too scruffy or just not appropriate. When I thought a bit more about this I realised that my negative mind had kept me from wearing them because they weren’t tight enough around my waist and therefore there was not enough control - control about my appearance, control around how much I could eat and on and on.  The power of the negative mind is incredible - consciously and sub-consciously. 

I feel sad when I think about how unnecessarily hard we are on ourselves - through habit and in my case through not being fully aware of the impact of my negative thoughts towards myself.  And how this behaviour wasn't really about the jogging bottoms at all but was around my inner critic. 

Lessen the shackles of criticism towards self and others - there is no growth around judgement.  Living in the flow of expecting the unexpected is liberating and joyful - and hard too at times but then there is more learning.  

Slowing down our thoughts, allowing space for ourselves and our magnificence.

Take time to feel and hear your breath.  Smile at everyone you see. Notice how often you don’t say what you really want….and let me know how you get on as I love talking about all of this and expanding conscious communication. 

I hope you all have a magnificent day wherever you are.

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