Spring Clean Your Mind


Much like our wardrobes, there comes a time when we need to let go of the old in order to make room and welcome the new. But unlike our enthusiasm to keep up with the latest fashion, we often face reluctance when it comes to taking care of what’s going on in our minds. This can leave us hoarding a plethora of information that ultimately becomes a challenge to unpack later.  

Here are some really simple yet effective techniques I like to use to ‘spring clean’ my mind when it starts to feel noisy and chaotic. 

Let go of what isn’t serving you

Spring time is like a rebirth, and it’s not just our natural environments that can benefit from the culling of old weeds to make way for new buds. It can often help to answer yourself this question:

What would you like to let go of in your life? 

Take a moment to sit in reflection and contemplate what you’re ready to leave behind, and understand why it’s time to let go of this. 

Set new intention

As well as letting go, the beginning of a new season is also a great opportunity to set new intention and begin focusing on what you want to achieve. Journaling is a great way to give structure and accountability to setting your sights on the future, and what you want to work towards.  

Introduce fresh flowers at home

There are countless studies that have shown the transformative effects flowers at home can produce, including a decrease in feeling anxious and an increase in compassion. It’s even been reported that fresh flowers in our living environment can offer a boost of energy that lasts through the day.

Springtime always comes with an influx of gorgeous plants and flowers. Introduce some flowers or greenery into your living space to bring life and a new vibrant energy. It’s helpful to choose something that inspires and uplifts you.

Take up a new hobby

Changing up our routine from time to time can provide us great clarity and open our doors to new, undiscovered opportunities. It’s also a great way opening our minds to positive, energetic thoughts that can help focus on goals and remove us from distracting thoughts. 

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