Reflections from Rishikesh


I love that I caught this wee monkey mid air - he sat for quite sometime contemplating his jump and then took faith in his hands and launched himself to the next tree. 

How often do you have an intuitive nudge to do something; feeling the excitement and joy in your heart only to allow the mind to kick in and create doubt - and then the excitement flows away and it doesn’t happen. I have done that so many times in my life. When we allow ourselves to go to that place anxiety kicks in and we start to question our decisions, ourselves and our very being. It can create a stuckness and feelings of frustration and aloneness. 

It’s time to seize the moment and live in the flow of the unknown. When we trust that we will be ok life takes on a whole new meaning - like the monkey - trusting that he would be ok.  I love the continual unfurling of the relationship with self - what a gift.

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