Nature's Message


I woke at the weekend feeling not quite myself - it used to be a familiar feeling and I hadn’t had it for quite a while - almost feeling not bothered and not wanting to have my daily early morning practice. Thinking about my WHY and how good I feel with a daily practice overrode that decision thank goodness. Whilst in meditation I realised I had had a busy few days in different environments, seeing lots of people, eating different foods - which was good fun ..... and now I needed some space for me - space to come back into my body and re-energise.  That same day I went to visit a beautiful allotment community scheme not normally open to the public which I loved.  Aren’t allotments a wonderful idea and so inspiring in their creativity.   On the way I had a strange experience in that a large bird of prey flew into the windscreen of my car - it didn’t bang into the windscreen but it touched the middle of it and then was lifted by the wind up the windscreen and then flew off.  I made a mental note to look up the spiritual meaning of birds of prey when I got home.

Throughout the morning, whilst I was doing the ironing and usual weekend jobs, I kept tuning into myself, just checking how I was doing and the message that came through was the need to be in nature with the elements, to create the space to just be.  So trusting the message I set off for a walk high up in the hills. It was warm and so windy - I love the wind. There were curlews calling, skylarks singing and swallows swooping on the thermals.  And as I walked and paused and walked a bit more I could feel the energy of nature re-energising me.  

I laughed when I read later that one of the messages about the symbol of the Eagle is that it is teaching us to broaden our sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible.  It is also a reminder to connect with the element of Air. Air is of the mental plane and in this instance it is of the higher mind.  

How are you doing with your relationship with you?  When you’re preparing breakfast or dinner or making a coffee pause and check in with yourself ... checking in with yourself and asking ‘how are we doing’  The relationship with self is invaluable - and our heart never lies. 

Julia Melville