Is your business a force for good?


Today is the second day of the Give-to-Profit Live Conference I am attending.  We had inspirational speakers yesterday talking about how we all as a collective can make a difference through our work globally and at home - even down to how the 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste in the UK can be recycled and how Revive Eco are closing the loop on coffee waste. How to earn money with meaning and how to profit with purpose.  Working in partnership, collaboration and transparent relationships. Something that really hit home to me and has made me think about my responsibilities was when Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore, who are the founders of Revive Eco, talked about how we are slowly moving towards a circular economy, how we are moving away from the linear process and how waste doesn’t exist in the plant world.

It’s no longer about ‘giving back’ it’s about giving now. How can we all as a collective create a continuous ripple effect to change the economy, to make an impact? 

Caroline McKenna, founder of Social Good HQ, talked about the need for businesses to be open and transparent, to be open about our shortcomings and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. And to share with people what we are doing - at the conference there is WEALTH of experience and commitment and what became apparent is that few of us tell others about our work and how we are supporting charities and community.

Zakia Moulaoui is the founder of Invisible Cities and gave a very moving and powerful talk on creating change around the stigma surrounding homelessness. Training people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their cities to locals and tourists. I can’t wait to book my tour around Edinburgh. 

I am excited about today and consolidating all that we learnt yesterday. 

My purpose and passion is supporting people through my mentoring work helping them to understand the impact of stress and anxiety in their bodies and minds. To work with the flux and flow of energy and to release that which no longer serves them. My purpose is also supporting children with education. I was privileged (although it didn’t feel like it at the time!) to be sent to private schooling.  After watching a video at an event run by Alisoun Mackenzie last autumn on Classroom of Hope, a charity that builds schools in Cambodia and Vietnam, I was so touched by the film that I regularly donate myself and I have also recently started a wellbeing group in Perth and Kinross which is by donation for the charity. Click here to view upcoming dates for Mindful Moments.

I am also eagerly awaiting my training with Breakthrough Dundee to become a mentor to a secondary education student in Dundee.  

Right enough from me. I have a full day ahead to get to but one thought before I go - What is your purpose?

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