India, 2019


In a few weeks, I’ll be travelling to India for the first time. I have talked about it so often that many of my friends thought that I had already been.

It is a country close to my heart as my darling late Father travelled there extensively with his work supporting agricultural development.

My main reason for travelling to India is to take my next Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 module, titled “Authentic Relationships”, and I feel so grateful to have this opportunity. I have so much respect for our teacher Gurmukh and her husband Guru Shabd, they are truly inspirational and I can’t wait to spend a whole week in their company again. There are 5 modules for the Level 2 Teacher Trainings and I did another module with them in New York last year.  I came home absolutely buzzing.

Our training is in the north of India at the foot of the Himalayas and I heard yesterday that a river runs through the valley that, conditions permitting, we can swim in which is hugely exciting.  I quote from the page of where we will be staying: “Amidst the thick woods of shivalik, on the Banks of River Heval and in the vicinity of the yoga Capital of India – Rishikesh, Nirvana River Resort is truly a nature lover’s paradise with great landscape , lush green valley , misty woods , racing river and enchanted mountain which embrace and rejuvenate your entire being and offer deeper connection with the Divine. Situated just 25km away from the main city of Rishikesh, nirvana river resort is a place Where you will feel your soul bathing in the peace of sacred energies that emanate from nature .Nirvana river resort invites you to encompass your inner self in tranquility and serenity.”

As many of you know I trust that everything happens for a reason and it feels like this journey has come at a time when I can open up the space to go deep within to look at my learnt patterns of behaviour, my attachments, my critical mind and it is no coincidence that this module is learning about authentic relationships. “Unfold your true identity in the matrix of conscious relationship.” The matrix of relationship with self and with others.

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