Finding Emotional Balance in Nature


Spending time in nature is essential for our wellbeing. Our deepest origins lie in the natural world. Time spent in the great outdoors can be all you need to feel calm and invigorated. Nature puts us in a state of serenity and gives us immense clarity.

By using your senses to take in nature that surrounds you, you’re leading your mind consciously to your senses, to the experience of being rooted in that particular moment. As a result, you’ll experience a distance to your emotions, making it possible to let them go.

It’s a simple exercise, but highly effective. We can find emotional balance in nature because it strips us of any thoughts, analysis and evaluation. It’s the here and now, which is the only sensation your senses can bring you.

Fresh ideas, even answers, often come to us when we’re in nature dwelling in silence. Our minds are overloaded with thoughts of to-dos, worries and stresses. Minding the present moment in nature will lift the fog of distracting thoughts, giving you clarity.

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