Breakthrough Dundee


Towards the end of the last year, I heard about a charity called Breakthrough Dundee.  

Have you ever noticed that when we are drawn to something, it will keep coming in to our awareness?  This is exactly what happened to me.  I decided to look the charity up and after reading about them I made a phone call and suddenly found myself being invited for an interview…

Last week I completed the second and final part of training to become a volunteer mentor in Dundee and I am very much looking forward to starting this journey.  Breakthrough Dundee is such an inspirational organisation and I think it is wonderful to be offering support to the mentees about life in general, what their aspirations are and how we can support them in any small way that might help to direct them in the direction they are trying to go, how they find being at school, their peer groups, their home life - a lot of things that as parents we automatically offer to our children is something that is sadly lacking for many.   

It has been humbling to hear about the work and support that Breakthrough have had and continue to have on so many young lives.

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more here is a short piece of background information about Breakthrough:

“Breakthrough reaches out to care-experienced and other young people who have faced or are likely to face significant challenges in their lives.

Our charity supports young people S1 to S6 in Dundee’s secondary schools and provides aspirational mentorship and opportunity. By connecting, carefully selected and trained volunteer mentors as well as commercial and educational organisations with young people, Breakthrough aims to provide the guidance and opportunity that can transform lives and counteract the long-term effects of adverse experience.

By providing trained and committed mentors to work alongside our young people we hope to unlock the potential within and create lasting change.”

Visit their website here.

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