How to feel balanced, energised and well


In August 2018 I went to a talk that a friend of mine was giving about nutrition.  As many of you know I am pretty passionate about nutrition, and how to maintain health and wellness physically and mentally.  I had no idea exactly what my friend was going to talk about but boy did it impact me!  There were a few different speakers and they all had a really healthy glow about them.   By the end of the presentation I thought I want some of that and so my journey with Isagenix began.

What I loved about the company was that I was able to try the products for a month and if they didn’t suit me, I could return them and get a full refund. So with this in mind I ordered my first pack.  At the end of the month I was really enjoying the products and I made a commitment to myself that I would continue for three years and then see how I was getting on.  A year later I can’t imagine life without them - I feel so balanced, energised and well.  When I’m busy I sometimes can miss a meal and what I love is now I can have my nutritional smoothie blend and know that I am getting all the nutrients I need.  I also no longer snack as I used to as I don’t have the cravings any more. 

People often say to me but you’re replacing a meal of ‘normal’ food - and yes I am replacing a meal, usually breakfast, but with something I know has all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs - in fact it’s filling the gaps making sure I am receiving all the nutrients I need.  

I listened to an amazing podcast by a very inspirational lady recently about how Isagenix found her.  Like me she was very sceptical and felt she was living a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements, etc etc. Until one day she realised that even though she was doing all she could she still felt tired and bloated.  Her friend was already taking these incredible products and so she decided to try them and has never looked back.  Some of the key parts of the podcast that I would like to share are that these nutritional smoothie blends are food - it is the basis of your diet.  The core of your diet, as it embodies the most incredible aspects of nutrition from Western and Eastern Medicine.  On further investigations I came across the master formulator of these products who has done extensive research around the them and he talks about how these products support the Western nutrition through carbs, protein and fats and how the products also support the Eastern nutrition and medicine through prevention based on ayurvedic principals. Each and every one ingredient is tested to be free from any pesticides, chemicals and even heavy metals to guarantee purity which goes into our bodies. 

Just cleansing the body periodically, healthy eating and exercise are not enough.  The reality is we need supplementation - good solid supplementation, not any old supplementation.  The quality of these is not like anything else on the market and that all the supplement, goji berries, vitamins etc that I was eating I then found were in my products.

This is not an ego based company - not like we know it all - except they do know it all from a nutritional aspect - and they have put together a system and in a way that any everyday person can benefit from, without having to weigh their food or worry about getting the right balance. They have put together a system, not just products, but a system to nourish our bodies. 

As I said earlier when I started on this journey last August I was very sceptical but pretty quickly I realised that I was feeling stronger in myself, less tired, more motivated and had less cravings.  Like anything that you really love you want to share it - and I have shared it with my family, my friends and my clients. 

There are two ways these products can be used - either for weight loss or energy and performance.  I was looking for balanced nutrition, and to improve my general energy levels and I have not been disappointed in any way. 

I also cannot get over how supportive the company is and their company ethos is second to none. 

This doesn’t knock on your door every day.

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